Kent Planning Cargo Amano Cargo BOX Order system form

BOX brand which way? [必須]
Kent Planning Cargo
Amano Cargo
The BOX, please decide.

BOX how many is necessary? [必須]
Jumbo BOX 1pc(75cmX55cmX63cm)
Jumbo BOX 2pcs
Jumbo BOX 3pcs
Jumbo BOX 4pcs
Half BOX 1pc(37cmx55cmx63cm)
Half BOX 2pcs
Half BOX 3pcs
Half BOX 4pcs
Half BOX 5pcs
Half BOX 6pcs
Half BOX 7pcs
Half BOX 8pcs
Jumbo BOX is 700 yen a piece.
NewHalf BOX i 500 yen a piece.
I will receive it up to 2 by an order once

Shipping charge of BOX

All JAPAN:¥1030
Okinawa: ::Inquiry
Remote islands::Inquiry

COD fee: ¥350

BOX price and payment method [必須]
BOX price and substitution.
The BOX price and it previously transfers it.
The commission is costing of 350 yen to the BOX substitution.

NAME [必須]

E-mail address [必須]

Please input it twice for e-mail address wrong prevention.

Address [必須]

Please open one line and write the ZIP code.

Land line number

Normal-width figure

Mobile phone number [必須]

Normal-width figure


Please push ”内容確認画面へ” when writing ends.

Please put the check if it is possible to confirm it, and push ”送信する”.

It is registered and mail is sent.

Sender e-mail address

And when the addressee, the person who is listed in the order form, different, please describe.

The main order, the name

Your location

Can identify the region, city, town, village
(Kurume, Fukuoka Prefecture): case described

News payee, financial institutions and account number.

Post Bank  
From the case of ATM


Other, from the case of financial institutions.

Yuutyo Bank ichi kyuu kyuu Branch(一九九支店)
Type of deposit:Current(当座)
Account number:44045


Into account the above, thank you payment.