Pick Up Request Form

The packing list is necessary to pick up your BOX.

Please fax the@020-4623-2350 @1th the packing list.

In that case, this form is not necessary.

Please write it is the packing list necessary for the message and send one with a necessary packing list.

I will send the packing list with mail.

The payment of the carriage is a post office (ucho@bank).

KIGO: 019706

BANGO: 44045


NAME [•K{]

Address [•K{]

Please open one line and write the ZIP code.

Land line number

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Mobile phone number [•K{]

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E-mail address [•K{]

Please input it twice for e-mail address wrong prevention.

Packing list sent

From the transmission, please send right, the file hƒtƒ@ƒCƒ‹‚𑗐Mh.

Pickup Date [•K{]
As described, please make up a pickup date.

Pickup time zone
PM 0:00`PM 2:00
PM 2:00`PM 4:00
PM 4:00`PM 6:00
PM 6:00`PM 8:00
I ask for early booking.
There is likely to be irregular Sunday national holiday.